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This painting somehow spiritually touches everyone who sees it on a very personal level. It is a rare portrait of rare substance and power.

The Portrait

Could this be Jesus Christ?

Many think it is…

The handsome, rugged man in this painting, with the mesmerizing blue eyes, most likely inherited Semitic features from his Mother Mary, had a slightly olive complexion and a medium length beard as was the usual appearance of most young Jewish males of the day. This is Jesus.

When exhibited at Rockefeller Center, people including well-known religious leaders, believed this museum quality painting to be the greatest image of Jesus in our history. This portrait has been seen by millions and has been described as “A Masterpiece,” a “mystical union with canvas,” and “awe-inspiring.”

This is the best selling portrait of Jesus in modern time. It has been a consistent sell out both on the QVC network over the last five years and in the Avon Inspirational catalogue. More than 280,000 people now enjoy this masterpiece in their homes.

Before painting this, his most exciting portrait, artist Stanley Gordon carefully researched the Bible to better know what Christ really looked like. What he discovered was that Christ was not frail and weak as is commonly portrayed. A carpenter and sheepherder, Jesus was strong and vigorous as in Stanley Gordon’s painting. Yet in that weathered face there is also a deep kindness and compassion.

Look closely into the eyes of Jesus in this painting. You’ll see a trusted friend or a teacher with amazing strength and knowledge. This painting somehow spiritually touches everyone who sees it on a very personal level. It is a portrait of rare substance and power. This beautiful portrait of Jesus is now yours to own and cherish in a fine gallery print that perfectly captures every brush stroke of the original. It is framed in a gilded golden wooden frame. Imagine owning the greatest painting of Jesus in the three millenniums since Christ walked the Earth…. in your home…a family heirloom to be treasured throughout the years.

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