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This painting somehow spiritually touches everyone who sees it on a very personal level. It is a rare portrait of rare substance and power.

Movie Review: The Passion of The Christ

Jesus Christ and his passion are vital historical truths that impacted history, no matter what your belief. Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of The Christ, masterfully portrays both the historical facts and the compelling drama. From the opening scene, Gibson puts you there--in the heart of the drama--and doesn't allow you to be distracted until it's over.

Along the way he realistically captures the intimacy of mother and son, the hidden splendor of love crucified, the very real and very human interior struggles of those whose lives intersected with this drama--the curious, the believers, the cynical. He forces you to look truth in the eye, so to speak. And, the way he weaves Evil Itself into the drama is creative genius in my opinion.

The movie is worth seeing not once, but several times because it's clearly layered with meaning. Different scenes or moments will make a profound impression on different viewers. But there's no question that something of the movie will become part of your life forever. Not to be missed whatever else it does, Gibson's Passion of Christ uncovers a depth of self-less love uncommon in this world and culture; a consoling memory beyond words in our worst trials.

New: Movie Review of The Passion of The Christ
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